J & S RC Hobbies Racing Guidelines

General Car/Race Specifications:
●  You are responsible for the safety of your equipment.
●  Nitro classes will be 5 minute Heats and 15 minutes for the A Mains.
●  All remaining classes will be 5 minute Heats and 7 Minute Mains for all classes
    except for Novice.
●  All Nitro vehicles must have a Throttle Return Spring.
●  NO reverse on track.  If you use reverse you will be placed in last place for your
Batteries:  2 cell for 1/10 scale and 4 cell for 1/8 scale classes
Driver’s Meeting:
●  All racers’ MUST attend driver’s meetings. 
Corner Marshalling:
●  You MUST corner marshal for the race immediately after your race.
●  If you are unable to corner due to physical disabilities or conflicting race schedule,
    you must find someone to take your place and inform the Race Director. 
●  You will be placed in last place of your main should you fail to corner, or provide a
    substitute and notify the Race Director
●  Drivers will need to provide their own personal transponder. 

●  All transponders MUST be returned immediately after each race.
●  If transponders are taken from the track, there will be a fee of $125.00.
Race Fees:
$15.00 for your first class and $5.00 for each additional class per person.
$10.00 for Novice.
This is a family orientated track.  Children are an earshot away.  There will be NO angry outbursts or fighting tolerated.  This will result in suspension of the season.
Intentional rough driving will not be tolerated.  A warning will be given for the first offense and removal from the track on the second offense. Respect one another.
You must bring your own table, chair, extension cord, power strip and sun protection such as a sun umbrella or EZ ups.

Please pick up your pit area at the end of the race day.



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